Daily Positives

I finished reading my book today!

I picked up the first book in the Game of Thrones series years ago, before the TV adaptation even started. Truth be told, I picked it up because I had heard that it was going to be made into the show. But I’m not a big reader, and because of that I’m pretty slow. Or maybe I don’t read much because I’m a slow reader? Who’s to say? Anyways, a problem I ran into was trying to keep track of all the various characters in the story. I couldn’t do it. I kept getting people mixed up, and names confused. It didn’t help that depending on the character the chapter is focusing on, and their point of view, they would often refer to other characters by different names. Lord Baelish, Petyr, Littlefinger. Those are all names for one person, but it depends on the chapter. I simply couldn’t do it. So one day I put the book down… and I didn’t pick it back up again.

Poor book. :(

But thanks to the reading challenge I’ve told you about before, I picked it back up and today I finished it!

Tonight I start The Name of the Wind. It’s 722 pages. This could take a while.

One last thing I wanted to write about was my trip to get my car’s oil changed. I had wise plans to do it before my long drive to Boston, and I kept thinking “I’ll be able to write that as one of today’s Positives.” But as luck would have it a large snow/freezing rain/THUNDERSTORM blew into town tonight and everything got crazy. So you may be asking “Jim, how on Earth is this a positive thing?” Would you believe me if I told you that minutes after I got to the dealership, but before any service got started, lightning struck and the power went off? Well it certainly did. And you know what I found out? That with the power off, they couldn’t raise of lower the car lifts. This is a positive because if I had come in earlier like they said I could, my car would have been on that car lift, up in the air, with no way to come down. Just think about how bad that would have been! Not getting stuck is a positive if I’ve ever heard one!

And I can always go tomorrow.

Remember to keep looking at the positive side of things. Have a good day/night everyone!

Daily Positives

Things that went well today are as follows:

Had Tosino Pork wrap for lunch and they gave me extra meat for free.

Starting to get in the groove of the mobile game “Best Fiends”. It’s a free-to-play matching game not unlike Pokémon Shuffle. The thing I like about this is that you match as many things as you can in a big long chain, even going diagonally. I also like that each level has different requirements to win.

Met for dinner with a co-worker and also a guy who used to be a co-worker but who found another job. We talked a lot about movies, video games, and our favourite gaming website Giant Bomb. Good to see him again.

Finally decided on my next book to read. I’m getting near the end of The Game of Thrones, so I’ll need a new book. Picked up The Name of the Wind. It’s supposed to be about a guy becoming a wizard. I think I was told there’s also a fair amount of killing? My impression is that it’s like a mash up of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. We’ll see.

That’s it. It was a pretty good day today.

Stay Positive!

Daily Positives

How about I post one of these in a more timely manner for once? Sounds good to me, but don’t hold me to it every day!

Today was a pretty good day for me. But it’s not because anything happened that sent me over the moon. Nope, I just decided to focus on some household chores and I got them all done. Just knowing I accomplished something today is making me feel pretty good.

So yeah, after washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and getting the grocery shopping done, what else did I do? Well generally I just relaxed and played more of that Pokémon Shuffle game when it would let me. After that long rambling post from yesterday, I did manage to best the level that had me stumped, and I’m nearly 20 levels past that now. Felt good to beat it at last!

You know what else is good? That flavouring stuff you can squirt in your water. I had been given some in a care package at Christmas, and I finally used it all up. It’s quite nice. I’ve ended up just keeping a big water jug at my desk so I can pour out a glass and put a bit of flavour in it whenever I want. I’ve ended up drinking a lot more water because of it, and that’s pretty good for your health I hear.

Speaking of health, my knee had been sore for a while, and then it kinda clicked all the time. Today I noticed that it wasn’t doing that anymore, and I can’t really recall it doing it for a few days. Hopefully that weird issue is healing. Maybe I just needed to take a break from working out so much and give it a rest?

Lastly I just want to bring up this article that my friend Erin (@erinkys) showed to me today. It’s about looking back on seemingly mundane memories months later, and how they can make you happier than you would usually expect. It plays nicely into doing this blog and I hope looking back on things like this post months from now will bring a smile to my face. :) Feel free to read the article here: The Surprising Benefits of Documenting Ordinary Experiences

Stay Positive!

Daily Positives

Didn’t do much today.

I’ve been playing quite a bit of the new free-to-play 3DS game Pokémon Shuffle, which is a match 3 style puzzle game. You don’t get many turns before you have to wait for the timer to count down again, so it’s hard to get much progress. Even so, I’ve kept at it. Whenever you beat a level, you get a chance to catch the pokémon that level is themed after, but the per cent chance of catching it is sometimes very low. However, even if you don’t catch it, the next level unlocks.Today I finally managed to catch a few of the tricky pokémon that had been eluding me, including some of the expert level ones.

The reason I’ve been keeping at those levels, is because the things you are matching in the puzzle are the faces of the pokémon you’ve caught. Each has a power and type, and when you match them, you’re dealing damage to the pokémon the level is themed after. The bigger the match (3, 4, 5 etc) the more damage you dish out. The type of your matched pokémon will also help you out if it is the correct “rock, paper, scissor” to the pokémon you’re fighting (i.e. water beats fire). You win the level by dealing out enough damage in a set number of moves.

Anyways, I’ve been stuck on a hard level, and I’ve been trying to catch the stronger pokémon of the correct type that would be a good match against the levels I’m stuck on. If I can’t beat those directly, I’ve been trying to do the same for them. So I’ve been going further and further back in the chain hoping to eventually beat the one level I’m truly stuck on.

If this doesn’t make any sense I’ll be more blunt. I’m stuck on the Steel-type Mega Mawile, so to help beat that I wanted to get the Fire-type Charizard (fire beats steel for those who don’t know). But I can’t beat Charizard, so I’ve been trying to capture the Water-type Blastoise. But when I couldn’t get him either, so I was trying to get the Electric-type Rotom. Today I managed to catch Rotom, which helped me catch Blastoise even though I only had about a 10% chance to capture it even though I beat it’s quite hard level.

So there you have it. That’s what I did today that I see as a positive.

Oh, I guess I also got shampoo that I totally ran out of. So I got 2 bottles to have a buffer.

And I had a subway sandwich with the last of the money on my gift card.

And I slept as much as I wanted today because sometimes you just need to crawl in bed and disappear.

I guess that’s it… Stay Positive!

How Do You Find Positives When There are None?

Today we lost Leonard Nimoy. He was a childhood hero of mine. And as I grew up I found that he was an adulthood hero too. He was cool. He was kind. He was a great actor. He was always a joy to see.

He was Spock.

His loss certainly isn’t a positive, but you know what is? The massive outpouring of kind words, fond remembrances, and touching goodbyes I saw all over the Internet.

Even President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, made a statement about Mr. Nimoy’s death!

I think I just want to end this with a tweet that Nathan Fillion put out today, as I think it says everything I want to say, and it just brings a tear to my eye every time I see it.