Spider-Who Part 68: Iron Spider

When the Civil War story happened, it pitted Captain America and Iron Man against each other. Iron Man was in favor of Superhuman Registration so heroes would be held responsible for their actions, while Captain America opposed it feeling it took away freedoms. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, convinced Spider-Man to side with him and gave him the “Iron Spider” suit as a show of good faith.

The Iron Spider suit had 3 retractable metal appendages that had things like cameras and other useful tech in them good for spying on criminals, but weren’t super strong, thus were not to be used for fighting. It could also change to look like several other pre-programed looks, such as Spider-Man’s classing red and blues, the black suit, or even nothing at all. It also granted Spider-Man the ability to glide short distances.

The only problem with the suit, is that it also allowed Iron Man to study Peter Parker’s abilities and skills while he wore it, as it sent data back to him. When Peter eventually decided he didn’t agree with the way Tony was going about things and after several heroes were killed, the two started fighting. Iron Man used an override code to disable Peter within the Iron Spider suit, but thankfully by that point Peter had become suspicious of it and had already figured this out and added in his own passcode to disable Iron Man’s commands.

The Iron Spider suit took severe damage while Spider-Man tried to escape to Captain America’s side, and once he was there, he changed back into his regular red and blue costume. He never wore it again.

The Iron Spider suit did reappear being used by 3 individuals working as a team of “Scarlet Spiders” after the events of Civil War as part of the Superhuman Initiative. In fact they were clones of a hero called MVP who had been killed. Two of these clones were later killed, and the remaining clone, Patrick, then revealed his identity which lead to the shutting down of the hero training facility.

Spider-Who Part 67: Spider-Girl, Penelope Parker

From the pages of Spider-Verse #1 we get the story of Penelope Parker from Earth-11 who is an 11-year-old girl who gets bitten on the hand by what is likely the cutest radioactive spider in the Marvel Multiverse.

Penelope thinks of her powers as being gross, and she’s definitely not a fan of spiders. She worries that her classmates, and people in general, will think that she’s a freak if they see her with her organic webbing coming from her wrists. Later she realizes that she’s already used to people treating her differently and that this is nothing to be afraid of.

In her world she’s bullied/teased by Mary Jane instead of Flash Thompson, and in fact ends up saving Flash as her first act as Spider-Girl, and Flash seems to get a crush on Spider-Girl after he’s saved. She makes her costume out of leftover bits of clothing from various failed hobbies such as gymnastics and ballet, and uses an old luchador mask that apparently belonged to her uncle Ben (as seen in the top pic).

Spider-Who Part 66: Steel Spider, Oliver Osnick

Remember that chubby kid who wanted to be Spider-Man’s side-kick and called himself Spider-Kid? Well he grew up, toned up, and became the Steel Spider! Oliver Osnick significantly upgraded his metal arms, added grappling hooks and pepper spray shooters to a new set of gauntlets, and various other enhancements. However he could never really get away from his violent nature, and the first time he donned his Steel Spider persona to save his college girlfriend, he brutally beat her kidnappers upon finding them. Horrified with his own actions, he hung up his suit stating that he didn’t want to be that kind of man.

Later when the Civil War event happened and heroes were being forced into hiding or being arrested, Oliver brought out the suit once more to stop what street crime he could now that many heroes were in hiding. This brought him to the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. who sent the Thunderbolts after him.

This version of the Thunderbolts team consisted of reformed villains working for the government, including Venom! Steel Spider held his own with his new suit, making use of the vast array of tech in his new spider arms, and seemed like he was going to win, but when Venom surprised him by BITING OFF HIS ARM the fight was over and he was incarcerated.

Here’s another little pic so you can see the spider emblem on his chest, though I think this is Steel Spider from another universe… but I’ll take what I can get.

Spider-Who Part 65: Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacey aka Spider-Gwen

On Earth-65, everybody’s favorite radioactive spider bit the hand of Gwen Stacey instead of Peter Parker, giving her powers. She made her costume, took to the streets to fight crime, and Spider-Woman was born.

Peter Parker became obsessed with Spider-Woman and started collecting every newspaper article and picture he could find about her. Little did he know that the girl living next door was his idol. Dreaming to be special like Spider-Woman, he created a formula he believed would give him powers, but it instead turned him into The Lizard!

It is not shown exactly what happens, but Gwen fights her friend as Spider-Woman, and whether it’s due to the battle, or just that the formula Peter took harmed him, in the end The Lizard reverts back into Peter, and he dies in the arms of Spider-Gwen.

Gwen is deeply troubled by the loss of her friend, and possibly the boy she had feelings for. She watches as Peter’s Uncle and Aunt grieve, and it breaks her heart. Her depression drives her away from her friends and life as Gwen Stacey, and she retreats further into her life as Spider-Woman and fighting crime.

It’s around this time that the events of Spider-Verse take place and Gwen meets the Earth-616 Peter Parker who became Spider-Man of his world, but in which it was Gwen who died. She goes on some missions with other Spider-Women, including Jessica Drew and Silk, and fights in the final fight against the Inheritors.

After the events of Spider-Verse and learning about the multiverse, and that Peter is still alive at least in another universe, Gwen is able to slowly put her life back together. She reconnects with her friend Mary Jane, and rejoins their band The Mary Janes as the band’s drummer.

As of this writing, the 2015 Secret Wars event is still ongoing, but news has surfaced that Spider-Gwen will be joining the regular Earth-616 cast after the event is over, along with Miles Morales.

NEWS!!! A New Amazing Spider-Man Coming After Secret Wars!

MTV News posted today about a new take on Peter Parker in the 616 Universe after the events of Secret Wars are over. Peter will be a world traveling entrepreneur as the head of Parker Industries. He’ll also be getting a new version of the Spider-Mobile back, and will be taking his adventures to places such as London, Shanghai, and San Fransisco. And OF COURSE he’ll be getting a new Spidey suit for this new big change. The suit will apparently be jammed full of tech of Peter’s own inventions and will prominently feature a glowing spider logo on the chest.

I couldn’t be more excited for this series to start, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Peter gets into while traveling the globe! The series will be written by Dan Slott, the same writer who brought us the Big Time, Spider Island, and Superior Spider-Man story arcs, as well as the Renew Your Vows story in Secret Wars.

Here’s the link to MTV’s article, and make sure to go there to see concept and design art for Spidey’s new suit and the Spider-Mobile. Did I mention it transforms?

MTV EXCLUSIVE: Are You Ready For An All New Era of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’?

Spider-Who Part 64: Blood Spider, Michael Bingham

A villain named Task Master once trained 3 people to perfectly mimic the fighting styles and powers of the heroes Captain America, Hawkeye, and Spider-Man. Michael Bingham was the man to train to mimic Spider-Man, and he took the name Blood Spider.

The backpack he wears, which has tubes running along his arms to nozzles on the back of his hands, is an attempt to recreate Spider-Man’s wrist mounted web-shooters. Even though his tech is not nearly as advanced, he is still capable of creating web-lines that he can use for swinging or webbing people up. While he is quite fast and strong, Blood Spider doesn’t seem to have any kind of extra sense to warn him of danger like Spidey does, and as is evidence above, really doesn’t compare to Spider-Man at all at the end of the day.

Spider-Who Part 63: Spider-Girl, Betty Brant

Swinging in from another What If… story, in an alternate reality where Betty Brant was at the scientific demonstration along with Peter, the radioactive spider lands on and bites her hand. Peter Parker witnesses the accident, and helps her. He invites her out to dinner to help her feel better, which is when they both find out she has spider powers.

Peter convinces her to fight crime, making web shooters for her, but also to pose for pictures which he can sell to J. Jonah Jameson, and split the money with her. It’s during one of their photoshoots that a burglar coming out of a wrestling arena runs past them, but they decide to ignore him and finish snapping pics for the Daily Bugle. Once they return to Peter’s home, they learn of the robbery that took place, and that Uncle Ben was shot and killed. Betty and Peter take off to find the killer, but once they catch him, Betty recognizes him as the burglar she could have stopped earlier in the night. Betty can’t take the guilt, and despite Peter’s consoling, she gives up being Spider-Girl realizing she can’t handle the great responsibility that would be required of her.