Spider-Who Part 1: Bullet Points Spider-Man

I like Doctor Who. I also like Spider-Man. And like the good Doctor, Spider-Man has had a lot of different faces and outfits. Obviously this is directly inspired because of the Spider-Verse comic book story, and also the Spider-Man Unlimited game, but I’m also doing this because I want to and I think it will be fun. This is the first part of my who’s who of the different people or alternate realities of my favorite super hero, Spider-Man!

Today I picked one of my favorite twists on the Spider-Man story. An alternate reality in which Uncle Ben dies much earlier than in the traditional Spider-Man story, Peter Parker grows up without the man he would look up to, becoming a troubled teen who skips school. One such occasion he skips out on a class field trip, and joyrides with friends out in the desert. When the car breaks down, Peter wanders off on his own to look for gas, leading him into a gamma bomb test site. When the bomb goes off, Peter is exposed to the gamma radiation, turning him into the Hulk. Obsessed with the accident that turned Peter into a monster, gamma radiation expert Bruce Banner begins looking into ways to cure Peter. Among the evidence and samples gathered from the desert test site is a gamma irradiated spider, which ends up biting Banner, turning him into a spider monster. Eventually Bruce is captured and cured, and becomes the Spider-Man of this world.

Other interesting twists are Steve Rogers becoming Iron Man, and Reed Richards as the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.

One Month Off

Well, well, well. Time flies doesn’t it? Looks like it’s been exactly one month since I last posted, and a good person said (multiple times) that I should come back to doing my updates. I guess I will.

I’d like to place the blame on my lack of updates on something other than myself, but to be honest it’s really just me. I know I like to say “Stay Positive” on here a lot, but the main reason I started doing this is because sometimes I have a hard time with that. The past month got particularly difficult, but I didn’t want to delve into that on here, thinking it would tarnish the whole positivity vibe, and I still feel that way. So let’s see if I can recall some nice things that have been keeping my attention while I’ve been absent for the past month.

In video games I’ve been sucked WAY into Spider-Man Unlimited. I have well over 50 different Spider-Men and Women in my collection, and collecting more almost every day. I even placed first in one of the weekly events! That was cool. Maybe I should post a different spider person every day or so until I can’t find anymore. Honestly, for no other reason than that it would entertain me greatly. Any ideas for witty titles other than Spider-Man of the Day? Right away that wouldn’t work cause there are plenty of Spider-Women too.

Pokémon Shuffle still has my attention too, but not as much at before. It did get another update with more levels, but I passed all those pretty quickly. It also had another Mega Stone competition, but I didn’t get anywhere close to high enough on the leaderboards to win one. I can honestly say I wasn’t bummed about that, cause I simply saw it as that game getting popular, and popular games keep getting support in the form of new content. That’s fine with me!

I started getting into Metal Gear Solid a bit, which is weird for me since for all my life I’ve had an admittedly irrational hatred towards the series. I picked up Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played, and I think I’ll get Metal Gear Solid V when it comes out.

In comics, I finished the Black Vortex story that had X-Men characters crossing over with Guardians of the Galaxy characters in a massive cosmic space story, and it was super cool. I’d recommend that to anyone curious about what if their favorite heroes had their powers boosted to Cosmic God levels. Check it out!

In the novel reading part of my life, I finished The Wise Man’s Fear, and found it lacking compared to the first book in the Kvothe series. For a lighter, more fun read, a book called Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher was recommended to me. I’m about half way through, and so far I’m enjoying it. I also picked up some sci-fi books, Ringworld, and the original novel of Starship Troopers, as I’ve heard their good. I’ll get to those… eventually.

Well that’s if for today. Hopefully you’ll see from me more frequently again.

Daily Positives

Today was an alright day. I got a fair amount of work done, the new book is cool, and it was new comic book day. That’s it. Check out the big comic post I made, that’s kinda the real “Daily Positives” post for today.

Stay Positive!

New Comic Book Day!

In addition to my normal subscribed books, I picked up a trade I spotted on sale on the shelf. I probably would have passed it by normally, but after Spider-Verse, my curiosity for alternative Spider-Men is at it’s highest, and this is a story where Peter Parker tries out 4 different new super hero identities because the law is so hard after Spider-Man. Very Spider-Verse! Other than that, my books are dominated by Black Vortex this week. 3 more chapters in a single week! And what’s with that Uncanny X-Men cover? Is this the start of Cyclops-Verse? Weird.

And of course here’s Unboxing Wednesdays from Stadium Comics that show this week’s new releases! Head to your local comic shop and grab what you think looks cool!

Daily Positives

So I finished In the Name of the Wind not long after yesterday’s post. The ending was pretty good, even though it ended on a huge cliffhanger. Luckily since I’m late to the series, the second book came out years ago, so today I went and bought it. It’s called The Wise Man’s Fear, and I’ve already started reading it. It’s nice to find a good book you can really get into. Since I don’t usually mention it, and in case anyone is interested, they’re written by Patrick Rothfuss.

Also, today reminded me that I have a lot of good friends who care a lot about me. :)

Daily Positives

Looking for the positives today was easy.

  • Pokémon Shuffle updated with new game content! New levels, new daily pokémon to catch, and new specials! I also placed high enough in the recent competition to get the Mega Lucario stone prize! Yay!
  • The Name of the Wind, the book I’m currently reading, got way more interesting. I was starting to get a bit bored, but it really picked up and I haven’t been able to put it down
  • I just found out, literally moments ago, that Wild Wing has a special on boneless wings on Mondays. I can basically get 3lbs of wings for the price of 2lbs + $1. Amazing.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go read, play Pokémon Shuffle, and eat wings. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe even watch The Walking Dead.

Stay Positive!

Daily Positives

I had a feeling when I got up today, that while it was nice to have a nothing day yesterday, I wanted to get some stuff done, and accomplish some things. So I did. :)

  • Got some chores done and crossed off the list that needed doing (This should count as 3 or 4 things)
  • Finally finished Grim Fandango on PS4
  • Watched Babadook. It’s a really good spooky/scary movie
  • Had chicken wings!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put bed sheets back on the bed while I think of it so that I don’t have to do it when I’m tired and ready to flop down and sleep. Don’t you just hate when you forget to do that, only to find the bed still unmade? That should probably count as another positive later. :P

Stay Positive peeps!