Spider-Who Part 212: Devil Spider


His real name is Rodrick Kingsley, and he originally started out his criminal career as the Hobgoblin. At one point he had to flee from the law, and he left America. While out of the country, he continued his crime life as the new villain Devil Spider. Eventually hearing someone else had taken up his Hobgoblin name in his absence, he sold off the Devil Spider equipment and identity, and returned to America to take back his name.

Spider-Who Part 211: Spider-Girl, Petra Parker


Originally from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, Petra Parker shows up in the first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Spider-Verse (which came out yesterday!) which seems to be a direct comic publication of the Spider-Verse storyline from the cartoon. Another difference in Petra’s universe is that the Green Goblin is also a woman, whose real name is Norma.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man version of the Spider-Verse story, the green goblin has gained the ability to travel berween universes. Spider-Man chases him from one reality to another, and teams up with whatever version of Spider-Man or Spider-Woman he comes across there to fight the Green Goblin until he flees to the next version of Earth.

Spider-Who Part 210: Black Suit Spider-Girl


May “Mayday” Parker’s black suit is just a costume change, and isn’t an alien symbiote like Venom. In fact, she just buys it when her old costume is damaged beyond repair. The store she buys it from is a Spider-Girl merchandise fan shop called The Spider-Shop. It’s actually owned and run by her mother Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

Spider-Who Part 209: Spider-Man Reign


The story of Spider-Man Reign is a version of what life could have been like for Peter Parker in the future. In this story, Peter is now an old man, and Mary Jane has long since passed away. Tragically, the reason she died was from cancer caused by radiation poisoning from living so close to Peter for so long. Remember, he’s supposed to have radioactive blood.

Peter has also given up being Spider-Man years and years ago. The world is a dark place and there are no super heroes around anymore. Although, there also aren’t any super villains either. Instead there is just a ruthless and brutal police force called The Reign who basically go unchecked and do whatever they want.

The story centers around Venom’s attempts to take over the city since all the heroes are gone, and Peter coming to grips with the death of Mary Jane, and needing to be a hero once again.

Throughout the story, Peter dons both the black suit and his red and blue suit, but most memorably, Peter’s first return to action is the image above: socks and boxers, a cast on a broken arm, and just his black mask as a disguise.

We see a glimpse of this version of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse event in a single panel depicting the chaos and death the Inheritors are reaping across the multiverse. As a play on the cover of Spider-Man Reign combined with the cast and underwear outfit above, we see the death of Spider-Man Reign.



Spider-Who Part 208: House of M Jessica Drew


During the House of M event, when all of reality was warped and altered by the Scarlet Witch, we find that Jessica Drew is member the Red Guard, a group of super powered S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Most of the team consists of mutants, but Jessica, not being a mutant, is thought of by some as just the token human on the team. The other members of the Red Guard don’t see her in this light, and consider her a strong member of the team.

Because she awoke from her stasis just before Magento staged his rebellion and subsequent conquering of Earth, she was never indoctrinated and trained by Hydra, and thus never took on the moniker of Spider-Woman. Keep in mind though, she still has all the same powers. During the human/mutant wars, she simply used her powers for good, helping whoever she could. Never really picking a side to fight on, Jessica stayed fairly neutral during the whole war. She was eventually brought in by Nick Fury to become a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., but didn’t finish her training as an agent until after the House of M had been established by Magneto and mutants ruled the world.

Since she was the first super powered human brought into S.H.I.E.L.D., she is often held up as an example to humanity what they can accomplish despite living in a mutant controlled world.

Spider-Who Part 207: Earth X Spider-Woman


In the Earth-X reality, Jessica Drew sported a green and purple version of her traditional costume and was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Unfortunately there’s not much more to tell about her because she was apparently killed by a being known as The Hydra which can possess and take over the minds of people. All the people who were taken over by The Hydra were killed in an attempt to rid the world of this horrible creature.

Spider-Who Part 206: Widow of the Web


The Widow of the Web is from the alternate reality planet of Eurth. She is in fact the one who granted Webslinger his powers. She is a combination of the characters of Spider-Woman (note the familiar red/yellow colouring) and Madam Web, who is known as a guide to people like Spider-Man with her prophetic visions and knowledge of the future and the web of life.