Spider-Who Part 166: Spider-Girl 2020

Spider-Girl of the year 2020 is a possible future set on Earth-8410. Her real name is May Parker, and she is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. In her reality Peter eventually died but his secret identity remained intact. She has venom blasts similar to other Spider-Women, but it is unclear if they are natural abilities or caused by bracelets she wears.

Spider-Who Part 164: Amazonian Spider-Woman, Mary Jane Watson

On Earth-92124 Amazonia defeated and took over the world at some point, which made women the dominant gender on the planet. It didn’t stop there though, apparently the Amazonian race was also intent on eliminating the male of the species almost entirely.

Anyways, that means all the superheros on this world are now women. Mary Jane Watson is Spider-Woman in this reality, and  a member of the Avengers along with Laura Kinney aka Wolverine (we know her as X-23), Susan Storm aka Ms. Fantastic, and an Emma Frost who apparently possessed the Phoenix Force. Spider-Woman was part of the raid which took over the last renegade men who were part of a guerrilla attack group known as The Y-Men.

Spider-Who Part 163: Mechanical Harness Spider-Man, Peter Parker

Yesterday we met criminal Flash Thompson who got spider powers and became The Spider. Well in that same world, Peter Parker created a mechanical/robotic spider limb system, not completely unlike Doctor Octopus’ arms, so that he could put an end to The Spider’s crime spree. He called himself Spider-Man and fought The Spider.

Not much else to say. I almost didn’t include this version of Peter Parker until I read that he does indeed go by code name “Spider-Man” so even though he is fighting a guy in the Spider-Man costume, he is certainly still a Spider-Man, so here he is.

Spider-Who Part 162: The Spider, Flash Thompson

Right off the bat I want to mention that the full costume for The Spider has a mask. In fact the full costume looks no different than the standard Spider-Man costume you’re used to seeing, except the man behind the mask is Flash Thompson. Just wanted to make it clear that he didn’t go mask-less, as the above picture might make you think.

So basically, on Earth-958, Flash was the one that got bitten by the radioactive spider, instead of Peter Parker. However, unlike on Earth-78127 where Flash became the hero Captain Spider, in this reality Flash decided to turn to crime, using his new spider super powers to get away with robberies.

Spider-Who Part 161: Spider-Mech

spider-mech close upThe final member of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men that I’ll be covering is Spider-Mech. There are actually several more alien members of the group, but no more are named, so I am left with the member of the group who finds Peter Parker and brings him to his first meeting of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men. It’s even Spider-Mech who introduces him to the other members who we’ve already met.

To be honest, I quite like the alien, and often a bit goofy members of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men. I wish they were in more than just a single one-off issue. I even like how they refer to different sectors of the galaxy as neighbourhoods. So no matter what, and whoever, or whatever they are, they’re still your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Spider-Who Part 160: ‘Spinner

spinnerAnother member of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men, ‘Spinner’s biggest worry is that his Aunt Rae-843, who is 320 years old, recently had a heart attack. He’s deeply worried for her health, especially considering her heart is the only organic piece of her left. I think of all the Galactic Spider-Men, ‘Spinner’s worries are probably the most legitimate.