Daily Positives

I finished reading my book today!

I picked up the first book in the Game of Thrones series years ago, before the TV adaptation even started. Truth be told, I picked it up because I had heard that it was going to be made into the show. But I’m not a big reader, and because of that I’m pretty slow. Or maybe I don’t read much because I’m a slow reader? Who’s to say? Anyways, a problem I ran into was trying to keep track of all the various characters in the story. I couldn’t do it. I kept getting people mixed up, and names confused. It didn’t help that depending on the character the chapter is focusing on, and their point of view, they would often refer to other characters by different names. Lord Baelish, Petyr, Littlefinger. Those are all names for one person, but it depends on the chapter. I simply couldn’t do it. So one day I put the book down… and I didn’t pick it back up again.

Poor book. 😦

But thanks to the reading challenge I’ve told you about before, I picked it back up and today I finished it!

Tonight I start The Name of the Wind. It’s 722 pages. This could take a while.

One last thing I wanted to write about was my trip to get my car’s oil changed. I had wise plans to do it before my long drive to Boston, and I kept thinking “I’ll be able to write that as one of today’s Positives.” But as luck would have it a large snow/freezing rain/THUNDERSTORM blew into town tonight and everything got crazy. So you may be asking “Jim, how on Earth is this a positive thing?” Would you believe me if I told you that minutes after I got to the dealership, but before any service got started, lightning struck and the power went off? Well it certainly did. And you know what I found out? That with the power off, they couldn’t raise of lower the car lifts. This is a positive because if I had come in earlier like they said I could, my car would have been on that car lift, up in the air, with no way to come down. Just think about how bad that would have been! Not getting stuck is a positive if I’ve ever heard one!

And I can always go tomorrow.

Remember to keep looking at the positive side of things. Have a good day/night everyone!


Daily Positives

At the start of the year I joined a book club of sorts. Well that’s not quite accurate, it’s more like a reading group on Facebook. It mainly consists of a list of 50 challenges to try to accomplish by the end of the year. It was started by my friend John, otherwise known as @scoobydiesel on Twitter. Anyways, I thought maybe if I had some fun challenges I’d be able to get myself to read more. So far that hasn’t happened. Anyways, today I decided to grab my half-read Game of Thrones book that I started years ago (before the HBO series started), but never finished. See, one of the challenges is to finish a book you own but never finished. So this is perfect! Anyways, I’m glad I finally got moving on one of the reading challenges.

Another thing that happened today was that the latest installment of my favorite web comic came out. THE LAST HALLOWEEN is a black and white comedy/horror comic written and drawn by Abby Howard, and I basically love everything about it. I particularly love the fine detailed line drawings and her particular art style she went with for most of the exterior scenes. Characters are great. Writing is great. Creepy factor is great. Check it out!