Spider-Who Part 113: Spider-Girl, Anya Corazon

I decided that instead of dragging things out and not bringing up a character’s progression for a while, I would just post about Anya Corazon again right away. So here she is. After the events of the Spider-Island story, where thousands of New Yorkers, citizens and heroes alike, got spider powers just like Spider-Man (but then started mutating into vicious monsters) Anya’s natural powers changed. Her powers were similar to Spider-Man’s to start with, such as being able to wall-crawl, but now she can also generate organic webbing and web-swing which she couldn’t do before. Other aspects such as her strength, speed, agility, reflexes and stamina were also enhanced considerably after Spider-Island.

Anya actually changed her costume to this one just after the events of the Grim Hunt, in which Mattie Franklin was sacrificed and killed. Julia Carpenter, who had been going around as Arachne, gave it to her after she inherited the powers of Madam Web, but Anya kept her Araña codename.

After she got her new black and white costume, people kept calling her the wrong super hero names, not realizing she was Araña in a new costume. When even Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) got her name wrong, calling her Spider-Girl, she decided to adopt it simply to avoid further confusion.

Anya trying out her new codename in the mirror

As Spider-Girl, Anya became a sort of sidekick to Jessica Drew Spider-Woman. This is when Spider-Verse launched. During the events of Spider-Verse Anya didn’t really play much of a role until the end when she was able to read the strange inscriptions of a prophecy due to her time in the Spider Society. After the Inheritors had been defeated and the new Great Weaver started sending the various spiders back to their home dimensions, they realized that Spider-UK’s home dimension no longer existed! I was simply gone. Not having a home, and also realizing that many world’s had lost their Spider-Men or Women to the Inheritor’s hunger, Spider-UK decided to stay on Earth-001 with the Great Weaver who could portal him to whichever Earth needed a Spider-Man hero on a moment’s notice. Anya choose to stay with Spider-UK to help him out.

When the events of the 2015 Secret Wars launched, which had destroyed all the dimensions in the Marvel Multiverse (and also why Spider-UK’s dimension had been missing earlier) we find that Anya exists in a part of Battleworld where she is still partnered up with Spider-UK. The comic tie-in is confusingly called Spider-Verse, and the two end up finding and meeting up with Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man India, and Spider-Man Noir. In this “world” this new team sort of just stumble into each other, and into a mystery as to why the “real” Spider-Man seems to be missing or believed to be dead. Also, why they seem to have no memories about each other even though they’ve been living in the same city apparently for years.

As the 2015 Secret Wars is still on going as of this writing, it is unclear where this story will be going, but we do know that Anya and her new amazing friends will get their own comic series called Web Warriors this fall.


Spider-Who Part 65: Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacey aka Spider-Gwen

On Earth-65, everybody’s favorite radioactive spider bit the hand of Gwen Stacey instead of Peter Parker, giving her powers. She made her costume, took to the streets to fight crime, and Spider-Woman was born.

Peter Parker became obsessed with Spider-Woman and started collecting every newspaper article and picture he could find about her. Little did he know that the girl living next door was his idol. Dreaming to be special like Spider-Woman, he created a formula he believed would give him powers, but it instead turned him into The Lizard!

It is not shown exactly what happens, but Gwen fights her friend as Spider-Woman, and whether it’s due to the battle, or just that the formula Peter took harmed him, in the end The Lizard reverts back into Peter, and he dies in the arms of Spider-Gwen.

Gwen is deeply troubled by the loss of her friend, and possibly the boy she had feelings for. She watches as Peter’s Uncle and Aunt grieve, and it breaks her heart. Her depression drives her away from her friends and life as Gwen Stacey, and she retreats further into her life as Spider-Woman and fighting crime.

It’s around this time that the events of Spider-Verse take place and Gwen meets the Earth-616 Peter Parker who became Spider-Man of his world, but in which it was Gwen who died. She goes on some missions with other Spider-Women, including Jessica Drew and Silk, and fights in the final fight against the Inheritors.

After the events of Spider-Verse and learning about the multiverse, and that Peter is still alive at least in another universe, Gwen is able to slowly put her life back together. She reconnects with her friend Mary Jane, and rejoins their band The Mary Janes as the band’s drummer.

As of this writing, the 2015 Secret Wars event is still ongoing, but news has surfaced that Spider-Gwen will be joining the regular Earth-616 cast after the event is over, along with Miles Morales.

New Comic Book Day!

Today was one of the biggest days I’ve had in a while when it comes to comics. I usually only have a few books, but today’s pile was a bit bigger. Today’s highlights are probably Silver Surfer 10, in which the battle with Galactus rages on, the 2nd issue of Spider-Gwen, and a new issue of THOR, which the cover teases the big question everyone is asking: “Who is Thor?” As you can see, most of my other books are Spidey related.

New Comic Book Day!

I stopped by my local comic shop today, Stadium Comics, and picked up a few new comics today. Today’s crop revealed 5 new books to add to my collection, including the final issue of the epic Spider-Verse story arc. I gotta say, this has been one amazing story! Thanks to Dan Slott, the writer of Spider-Verse.

You may not notice, but I put together a new setup for taking these photos. I got out my old painters easel to place the books on, which you can make out at the top and bottom. I hope the lighting is better now. Check ’em out!

And for those of you who are curious what else came out this week, it just so happens that my LCS, Stadium Comics, has a decently popular YouTube show called Unboxing Wednesdays where they show just that! They also get toys and stuff in every week and show off that stuff. Not much in the way of statues this week, but you never know what they’ll get in!