Spider-Who Part 141: 90s Cartoon Spider-Man

After the 60s cartoon version of Spider-Man, the next cartoon of the hero I watched the most was the 90s iteration, Spider-Man: The Animated Series. This guy, as far as I can tell, never appeared in the Spider-Verse event, which is weird to me as the Marvel powers-that-be insisted, as part of the promotion of the event, that “every Spider-Man ever” was going to be present. Maybe it would be hard to point him out though, considering he doesn’t have much to make him stand out from the rest of the red-and-blue pack. But considering they made the other cartoon versions apparent despite all their similar suits makes me wish my second favorite cartoon Spidey had been included. I mean, you can’t mistake that hair for any other Peter Parker!

But that doesn’t mean this guy was never represented in the comics! In fact he had his very own comic series called The Adventures of Spider-Man, which featured prominently on the covers that it was based on the TV series popular at the time. Marvel designates this Spider-Man continuity as Earth-92131 and absolutely counts the comic series and TV show as the same reality.


Spider-Who Part 138: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

Sticking with cartoon versions of Spider-Man, we come to this version of Spider-Man from the 80’s cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, in which Peter Parker was college roommates and in a superhero team with Ice Man and FireStar. Sadly, when they showed up in Spider-Verse, it was only for us to witness their brutal murder at the hands of Morlun. At least their dog wasn’t killed. Poor pup.

Spider-Who Part 137: Cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man

While we’ve talked about a few “Ultimate” Spider-Men already, the dull red Spider-Man in the page above crawling out from under a web and breaking the fourth wall by talking directly to us, the readers, is the star of the Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon that airs on the Disney X D channel. He showed up in Spider-Verse along side the real comic book Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, to traverse the multi-verse to find other Spider-Men to join the fight against the Inheritors.

This Peter Parker is known for having a sense of humour that ranges from goofball to utter stupidity. With a very slapstick sense of humour, plenty of other bizarre things happen in the show, notably being that this Spider-Man will often change into a tiny chibi version of himself, though I’m unsure if this is just for “comedic” effect, or if other characters in the show notice this too. This basically leads me to believe this Peter Parker is on the verge of becoming actually insane. But then that’s just me taking the idea of Spider-Man WAAAY too seriously, and if there’s an audience out there who likes this show, all the better. The more Spider-Man fans there are in the world, the better I say. Along with that stuff, and breaking the fourth wall all the time, he also makes weird monkey noises when surprised, and generally does things that could only happen in a cartoon.

It should be pointed out that in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, they recently had a very similar event to Spider-Verse happen in the show where they traveled through dimensions to find other versions of Spider-Men to fight a common foe, though it wasn’t the Inheritors.

Spider-Who Part 136: 60’s Spider-Man

One of the greatest things about Spider-Verse was that it brought versions of Spidey who only existed in other mediums into the comics. That includes the Spider-Man of the 60’s cartoon! This Spider-Man is probably more widely recognized now as the one from all those internet memes that come out these days poking fun at the now odd art style. I actually grew up on the original cartoon with the classic theme song, and is very likely why I’m such a large Spider-Man fan to this very day. Anyways, it was an absolute blast from the past to see the Wallopin’ Websnapper himself show up in the Spider-Verse comics.

Also, take note that the art style for all three Spider-Men in this picture holds true to their original sources. I love little details like that! (In case you’re wondering who the Spider-Man on the upper left is, check back in tomorrow!)