Spider-Who Part 242: Spider-Kraven


In one reality after witnessing the events of the Grim Hunt, in which Mattie Franklin, Madam Web, and Kaine Parker were all killed, Peter goes mad and kills Kraven the Hunter in front of everyone. He then carries on over the years, and continues to hunt down and kill his other great adversaries, realizing that leaving them alive just allows them to escape prison and kill or harm more people.

Eventually, Peter gives up being just Spider-Man, and starts wearing Kraven’s old vest, with additions from his own kills. However, notice how he still has parts of the black Spider-Man costume just under the Kraven vest. Also of note is that his throne is made up of the Goblin Glider, and Doctor Octopus’ metal tentacles.


Spider-Who Part 240: Spider-Ham 15.88, Piguel O’Malley


Here in Canada, December 26th is known as Boxing Day. It’s traditionally a day where lots of sales happen in the stores and people go out shopping to get as many deals as they can. So this is the perfect day to post about a Spider-Ham who is on sale!

Spider-Ham 15.88 (because he’s been marked down from 20.99 as the cover says) is yet another Ham version of the many versions of Spider-Man. Since all Spider-Ham’s have puns associated with them, this guy’s real name is Piguel O’Malley, the not so subtle spin on the original Spider-Man 2099’s Miguel O’Hara.

Spider-Who Part 237: Ultimate Spider-Ham, Miles Morhames


Originating from a universe that was destroyed by rift in space-time, he escaped to what we know as the Ultimate Universe, aka Earth-1610, to warn that world’s Fantastic Four of the possible rift that could also destroy theirs. After being warned, it was the child of Sue Storm and Ben Grimm who was able to stop the rift and save their reality.

Spider-Who Part 234: Public Identity Spider-Man


From the comic book “What If… J. Jonah Jameson Adopted Spider-Man?” this version of Peter Parker comes from a reality in which Aunt May took Peter to see a space shuttle launch. During the launch, the Chameleon attempts to steal the craft, but instead causes it to crash, killing Aunt May, and the pilot, John Jameson.

J. Jonah Jameson ends up adopting Peter to raise him like the son he’s lost, but still hates Spider-Man, blaming him for the accident that killed his son John. Funding the creation of the Spider Slayer robots and the making of the Scorpion serum, J.J.J. puts out a $1 Million bounty up for Spider-Man.

Flash Thompson ends up taking the Scorpion serum, which drives him crazy and he goes on a rampage. Peter is enraged by all the hatred unknowingly thrown his way by his adoptive father, and reveals his identity to Jameson before heading out to stop Flash.

On the way to stop him, however, Spider-Man is attacked and overwhelmed by many super villains seeking the reward bounty, but Jameson comes to his rescue using the Spider Slayer robots via remote control.

Peter ends up making his secret identity public, and fights crime alongside Jameson from then on.