Spider-Who Part 241: Pork Grind


While we’re covering pig versions of Spider-Man, we might as well throw in the hulking hog Pork Grind. A spin on Venom, Pork Grind is also more of a wrestler, and has a think Austrian accent, obviously inspired from Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Spider-Who Part 240: Spider-Ham 15.88, Piguel O’Malley


Here in Canada, December 26th is known as Boxing Day. It’s traditionally a day where lots of sales happen in the stores and people go out shopping to get as many deals as they can. So this is the perfect day to post about a Spider-Ham who is on sale!

Spider-Ham 15.88 (because he’s been marked down from 20.99 as the cover says) is yet another Ham version of the many versions of Spider-Man. Since all Spider-Ham’s have puns associated with them, this guy’s real name is Piguel O’Malley, the not so subtle spin on the original Spider-Man 2099’s Miguel O’Hara.

Spider-Who Part 238: Scarlet Spider-Ham, Kaine Porker


From Earth-12122, the Scarlet Spider-Ham exists along side his reality’s version of Spider-Ham, and another Spider-Ham possessed by the Venom symbiote.

In reality, this world is a world created by Hypno Hustler, a super villain that can create dream worlds, and this one is based on Peter Parker’s dreams. Peter and Deadpool traverse this bizarre world in issue 12 of Avenging Spider-Man.

Spider-Who Part 237: Ultimate Spider-Ham, Miles Morhames


Originating from a universe that was destroyed by rift in space-time, he escaped to what we know as the Ultimate Universe, aka Earth-1610, to warn that world’s Fantastic Four of the possible rift that could also destroy theirs. After being warned, it was the child of Sue Storm and Ben Grimm who was able to stop the rift and save their reality.

Spider-Who Part 5: Spider-Ham

Not sure what can really be said about this guy. He’s really just a cartoon pig version of Spider-Man. His full name, as can be seen on the image below is Peter Porker. I guess the one notable thing is that according to the Marvel wiki Spider-Ham actually started life as a regular spider named Peter, and he was bitten by a (temporarily) radioactive pig person, specifically May Porker. This mutated him into a pig person too, but he kept his natural spider abilities. May Porker then went crazy I guess, and believes she’s Peter’s aunt, and Peter took her name, and became the Spectacular Spider-Ham!