The Sights of PAX East 2015

There was lots to see at PAX East. Lots to play, and lots of buy. Here’s a photo gallery of all kinds of things, and especially of the crowds.

That’s Positively Jim!

That’s Positively Jim!

Today I had a thought. That thought was “What if everyday I focused on the good, happy, and pleasant things that happened that day?” I tend to have a negative outlook on the world around me, and let’s be honest, that kind of thinking can really get to you. It gets in your head. It gets in your heart. So I want to do something about that. I want to highlight and point out, mainly to myself, the things that I see, hear, read, & do that are positive.

And that’s it. It’s that simple.

If you’re reading this, whoever you are, you’re more than welcome to peek into my life along with me. Each day I hope to point out the nice things, even the little things, that were a positive impact on my day. Hopefully I can post about several things, but we all have bad days. Even then, I hope to find at least one thing every day.

And with that, I welcome you to my newly updated and renamed blog, Positively Jim. Here we go!


(p.s. today I got that cool Mega Man Amiibo in the picture! There’s happy thing numero uno.)