One Month Off

Well, well, well. Time flies doesn’t it? Looks like it’s been exactly one month since I last posted, and a good person said (multiple times) that I should come back to doing my updates. I guess I will.

I’d like to place the blame on my lack of updates on something other than myself, but to be honest it’s really just me. I know I like to say “Stay Positive” on here a lot, but the main reason I started doing this is because sometimes I have a hard time with that. The past month got particularly difficult, but I didn’t want to delve into that on here, thinking it would tarnish the whole positivity vibe, and I still feel that way. So let’s see if I can recall some nice things that have been keeping my attention while I’ve been absent for the past month.

In video games I’ve been sucked WAY into Spider-Man Unlimited. I have well over 50 different Spider-Men and Women in my collection, and collecting more almost every day. I even placed first in one of the weekly events! That was cool. Maybe I should post a different spider person every day or so until I can’t find anymore. Honestly, for no other reason than that it would entertain me greatly. Any ideas for witty titles other than Spider-Man of the Day? Right away that wouldn’t work cause there are plenty of Spider-Women too.

Pokémon Shuffle still has my attention too, but not as much at before. It did get another update with more levels, but I passed all those pretty quickly. It also had another Mega Stone competition, but I didn’t get anywhere close to high enough on the leaderboards to win one. I can honestly say I wasn’t bummed about that, cause I simply saw it as that game getting popular, and popular games keep getting support in the form of new content. That’s fine with me!

I started getting into Metal Gear Solid a bit, which is weird for me since for all my life I’ve had an admittedly irrational hatred towards the series. I picked up Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played, and I think I’ll get Metal Gear Solid V when it comes out.

In comics, I finished the Black Vortex story that had X-Men characters crossing over with Guardians of the Galaxy characters in a massive cosmic space story, and it was super cool. I’d recommend that to anyone curious about what if their favorite heroes had their powers boosted to Cosmic God levels. Check it out!

In the novel reading part of my life, I finished The Wise Man’s Fear, and found it lacking compared to the first book in the Kvothe series. For a lighter, more fun read, a book called Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher was recommended to me. I’m about half way through, and so far I’m enjoying it. I also picked up some sci-fi books, Ringworld, and the original novel of Starship Troopers, as I’ve heard their good. I’ll get to those… eventually.

Well that’s if for today. Hopefully you’ll see from me more frequently again.


Daily Positives

Wow, I really don’t have much to say about today. How about those mobile games?

  • I think I figured out Spider-Man Unlimited today. I got into the groove.
  • Pokémon Shuffle continues to entertain me. I got several more Legendary pokémon today.
  • Finally beat a level I was stuck on in Best Fiends, and then progressed several past it.

I don’t know what’s up with me and mobile games these days, but I really quite enjoy them. They fit my life. Hey, whatever, fun is fun, right?

Stay Positive!

Daily Positives

It’s late so I’m just going to knock this out and head to bed at a proper time. That’ll be an additional positive for me 😀

Today started off great when an unexpected text message woke me out of my slumber, allowing me to get to work early. Hurrah!

A little later in the morning a coworker came around handing out candies because it was Chinese New Year. I thanked him, wished him a “Happy New Year” and enjoyed my cream/strawberry flavoured taffy treat.

I haven’t written about what I actually do for work on here before. I test and analyze circuit boards. I’ve been working on repairing a batch of faulty ones for the past few days and today I managed to solve a few of the harder ones, which made me feel good.

Finally, after work ended I headed down to the big mall here in Mississauga, Square One. I had my mind set on getting a new phone today, and that’s most certainly what I did. I ended up getting a brand new Motorola Moto X. Guys, it has a really pretty screen. Like, seriously pretty. Goodbye tired little Windows Phone. You worked hard, but I’ll stop torturing you now. Rest well buddy.

And of course one of the first things I downloaded on my new phone was the Spider-Man Unlimited game. It’s basically an endless runner, but you’re Spider-Man! They even worked in Spider-Verse into it, allowing you to essentially unlock new skins that are all the other Spider-Men and Spider-Women. It’s pretty great!

And that’s that. Big day. Lots of interesting positives, and now I’m going to get some well earned sleep.