Spider-Who Part 238: Scarlet Spider-Ham, Kaine Porker


From Earth-12122, the Scarlet Spider-Ham exists along side his reality’s version of Spider-Ham, and another Spider-Ham possessed by the Venom symbiote.

In reality, this world is a world created by Hypno Hustler, a super villain that can create dream worlds, and this one is based on Peter Parker’s dreams. Peter and Deadpool traverse this bizarre world in issue 12 of Avenging Spider-Man.


Spider-Who Part 222: Ultimate Kaine


A face not even a mother could love. The Ultimate Universe version of Kaine, the clone of Peter Parker, was even more deformed than the one in the normal 616 universe. Obsessed with Spider-Man, Kaine has fashioned himself a Spider-Man costume from sewing together bits of old clothing. He ends up kidnapping Mary Jane, injecting her with a mutating formula of Oz (the chemical compound used in making the Green Goblin formula). His fellow clones Tarantula and Spider-Woman turn on him when they realize he’s crazy and beyond help. This “ultimate” Kaine is killed in the fight.

Spider-Who Part 152: The Other

The Other, as it is known, is an entity I’ve been debating on whether or not I would include on this blog for some time, but it has played a large enough role in Spider-Man’s history that I figured I may as well. The Other is a being that is of a spiritual nature that possesses those who have a connection to the totemic spider power that seems to connect all Spider-Men and Women. It chooses a singular person, and in a moment of near death, offers it’s powers to them, which include being brought back to life, but also mean they will be remade in its image.

Peter Parker was the first person chosen by The Other entity, and it showed itself to him when he was on death’s door after one of his first encounters with the Inheritor Morlun. While Peter was in a coma after Morlun’s vicious attack, The Other seemingly took control of Peter’s body to defend Mary Jane from Morlun when he showed up to finish the job of killing and feasting on Peter. While still in control of Peter’s broken body, it took him to the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge and cocooned Peter’s body so the metamorphosis could take place. In a dream or vision, a giant spider monster appeared to Peter and claimed that if he was willing to more fully accept the spider half of himself, perhaps becoming more spider than man, he would gain great powers and be able to protect those near to him. It asks him “Are you the man who dreamed of being a spider? Or a spider who dreamed of being a man? Are you the one… or are you the other?” Peter accepts The Other’s offer and becomes one with the entity.

Upon emerging from the cocoon, Peter seemed no different from the outside, but his existing powers had drastically increased, and he suddenly had new ones as well. Peter could now lift approximately 20 tons, and his speed and reflexes, in conjunction with his Spider Sense, made it appear that he moves as a blur, or almost instantaneously. Not that he could run at speeds like this, but his abilities to avoid harm were now out of this world. As for new powers, Peter now had perfect night vision, could sense the slightest air currents just from the hairs on his skin, could detect vibrations in his web-lines similar to a real spider. Possibly the most shocking new ability, Peter now had large retractable stingers that could come out of his wrists where is webbing came from.

Now you may be asking, “Why doesn’t Spider-Man have these powers now?” which is a good question. There was a story even called Brand New Day, which I won’t go into other than to say it reset much of Peter Parker’s life. Many events of his life had changed, such as having never married Mary Jane, many other things too. We’re never told exact how, but it is mentioned that while Peter possessed The Other, at some point it left him. This left it free to target and join with Kaine.

Kaine reborn with The Other

While Kaine was active as a hero in Houston as the new Scarlet Spider, he met his match against a duo of werewolves who pretty much tore him apart. Kaine was visited by The Other, and unlike Peter, accepted it without hesitation, quickly coming back to life in the form you see at the top of the post, and made short work of the werewolves. However, Kaine couldn’t control the predatory nature of his spider side, and would blindly hunt for prey, bringing him to nearly attack the very one of his friends who he had come back to protect. While Kaine was eventually able to get it under control and revert back to looking like his regular human self, whenever Kaine gets too enraged, or even simply allows his other side to take over, he mutates almost instantly into a spiky, fanged, monstrous being bent on killing.

During the Spider-Verse event, it was revealed that one of the few things that could hurt an Inheritor was The Other entity. While they normally wouldn’t even feel a punch from someone even as strong as Spider-Man, a punch from Kaine would send them reeling. Even more so, Kaine could kill them in a single stab from his wrists stingers, or even spikes that could erupt from his arms as The Other started reacting strongly in their presence.


At one point Kaine even fully transforms into a gigantic spider monster, making short work of one of the Inheritors thought to be nearly invincible. While it may have appeared that Kaine was killed at the end of Spider-Verse, the abdomen of the huge spider creature he turned into split open and a human hand could be seen reaching out of it, suggesting that The Other’s powers to rapidly heal and reform a body don’t stop, even after death.

Spider-Who Part 150: Scarlet Spider, Kaine

Kaine Parker, the clone of Peter Parker, has had a long history. First he was a crazed villain, then he was a murderous ally who cause Peter more trouble than he was a help, then he was killed and brought back to life and turned into a horrible spider monster. It was only once Peter concocted a cure to the spider virus that infected New York City that finally cured Kaine, not only of his beastly condition, but also of his disfiguration and insanity caused by the imperfect cloning process that created him.

Once he was of clear mind and the Spider Queen was defeated after the events of Spider-Island, Kaine left town, heading for Houston, with the Spider-Man costume Peter had given him. The only problem he had, is that Madam Web had tampered with the costume so that it could no longer turn invisible, and was stuck in a red and black pattern in an attempt to force him into becoming a hero. Even though Kaine believed he didn’t deserve being a hero because of his past actions, he could stop himself from trying to save people when he saw that he could do something. People in the city started calling him the Scarlet Spider due to his red outfit, which Kaine didn’t like at first because he believed he would tarnish the name once held by his clone “brother” Ben Reilly. Eventually Kaine accepted the title and role as a hero, and tried to do his best to be the new Scarlet Spider while in Houston.

Spider-Who Part 116: Sonic Proof Spider-Man, Kaine

Once Peter Parker came up with the cure for the virus that mutated everyone in New York City into giant spiders, Tarantula attacked in an attempt to stop him. As a way to test the cure to see if it worked, Peter simply threw Tarantula into the vat, fully submerging him. When he surfaced, not only was he Kaine once more, but even all his previous deformities and degradation of being an imperfect clone appeared to be cured. Not only that, but he now had organic webbing, and sharp dagger-like stingers that could be extended or retracted from his wrists.

Choosing to help Peter fight the Spider-Queen, Kaine required a costume to hide his face since he looks exactly the same as Peter. Peter gave him his green Stealth Spider-Man costume, modified to be fully immune to sonics to protect him from the Spider-Queen’s sonic scream. Madam Web had the costume’s ability to change appearance locked into a single red pattern to make it unique for Kaine.

Using the suit’s sonic proof abilities, and his newly acquired stingers, managed to deal the final killing blow to Spider-Queen when she was a 28-story tall monster.

Spider-Who 114: Tarantula, Kaine

Do you recall I brought up Kaine, the first clone of Spider-Man, many many months ago? He’s one of those loose ends I thought I would introduce despite him not really looking like Spider-Man in appearance. Then I later did a post on a villain known as Tarantula because I wanted to show the character who first had the name. Since I’ve decided to actually tie up the loose ends recently, I’ve been brought to this spider monster that was introduced during the Spider-Island story line. This beast is actually a mutated version of Kaine.

At some point in the past, Kaine “died”, but only as permanently as most comic book characters die. His creator, The Jackal, brought Kaine back to life and messed around with his DNA to create a creature more spider than man, naming him Tarantula. Jackal was in a partnership with a woman named the Spider Queen, who can control the minds of spiders, so Kaine was remade so that she could have complete control over him. This also kind of what happened to the majority of the populace of Manhattan, but of course Spider-Man created an antidote, distributed it across the city, and saved the day.

Spider-Who Part 26: Kaine, The First Clone

If you remember, my second post ever for these Spider-Who articles was about the Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly. He was a perfect clone of Peter Parker. But he was not the first clone. That dubious honor goes to his “brother” Kaine. And what would be the reason behind needing to make a second clone? Obviously because the first was defective.

The cloning process that made Kaine was flawed, and it didn’t take long before Kaine’s body and mind began to degrade. The Jackal decided to let Kaine live, partially to study him to improve the cloning process, and partially out of morbid curiosity about how long Kaine would survive. The degradation process not only warped Kaine’s body and drove him mad, but it twisted Spider-Man’s original powers into new additional powers as well. Kaine’s Spider Sense became a near precognition, and in addition to being able to stick to walls, his hands developed a deadly acid touch which he called “The Mark of Kaine” as it would leave a hand print burned onto his victims.

Kaine’s story is very long, and very complex, so I won’t go into it too much, but it involves a lot of murders, using his own finger prints to frame Peter for murders, hunting Ben, protecting Peter, distrusting the Jackal, and back to trusting him again. Needless to say, Kaine has a very loose grip on reality and next to no moral code in his early years. All that changes eventually, but I’ll get into that in another post.