Spider-Who Part 249: MC2 Venom, Normie Osborn


In the MC2 Universe, Normie Osborn eventually became the owner of the Venom symbiote, but his honest and peaceful nature calmed the beast and it lost its evil ways, and desire to hurt people. Oddly enough he’s shown on the cover here as having six arms, but in the actual comic pages he only has two. Maybe he manifests extra arms at one point, but I wasn’t able to find more images like this one.


Spider-Who Part 220: Wild Card of the MC2 Universe


In the MC2 Universe, Peter Parker has retired from fighting crime, and his daughter May took up the mantle as Spider-Girl. But one time Peter went back out into the world in a new disguise, calling himself Wild Card.

Spider-Who Part 214: MC2 Bombastic Bag-Man, Peter Parker


For a brief time, Peter Parker of the MC2 reality decided to get back into costume to help out his daughter May “Mayday” Parker. Using an old Fantastic Four costume and a metal helmet.

I gotta say, he’s not much of a “Bombastic Bag-Man” without the paper bag over his head, but the chrome-dome at least looks cooler. Interesting to note you can clearly see Peter’s metal prosthetic leg which he had to get after losing his real leg in the final fight with the Green Goblin.

Spider-Who Part 210: Black Suit Spider-Girl


May “Mayday” Parker’s black suit is just a costume change, and isn’t an alien symbiote like Venom. In fact, she just buys it when her old costume is damaged beyond repair. The store she buys it from is a Spider-Girl merchandise fan shop called The Spider-Shop. It’s actually owned and run by her mother Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

Spider-Who Part 201: Web Warriors Spider-Woman, May “Mayday” Parker

tumblr_nvuz9gT7AI1su2of1o1_540Actually first appearing in the costume at the end of the final issue of the Secret Wars Spider Island tie-in comics, May “Mayday” Parker modifies the costume she inherited from her late father to incorporate elements of her original costume with that of her father’s. May has kept the torso portion similar to the original Spider-Man out fit, but changed the arms and legs to be more similar to her old costume.

Currently this new Spider-Woman is a part-time member of the Web Warriors, a team of spider heroes who hop between dimensions of the multiverse, acting as the spider heroes for worlds that lost their original Spider-Man or Spider-Woman during the Spider-Verse event.