Spider-Who Part 238: Scarlet Spider-Ham, Kaine Porker


From Earth-12122, the Scarlet Spider-Ham exists along side his reality’s version of Spider-Ham, and another Spider-Ham possessed by the Venom symbiote.

In reality, this world is a world created by Hypno Hustler, a super villain that can create dream worlds, and this one is based on Peter Parker’s dreams. Peter and Deadpool traverse this bizarre world in issue 12 of Avenging Spider-Man.


Spider-Who Part 217: Ultimate Cyber Scarlet Spider


Coming along for the ride in Aunt May’s vision of a possible future had Peter Parker not died is this creature. Now if you ask me, that looks an awful lot like the colouring scheme for the Scarlet Spider. Add to that the obvious cybernetic nature of the beast, and mix in the fact that there is already such a thing as a Cyber Scarlet Spider, and I think we’ve just figured out the recipe for what must be the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Cyber Scarlet Spider.

I wonder if it would just be a robot, or if a person hides inside? It might be hard to fit human feet in those spindly insectoid legs, but who said a hero had to have all their limbs?

Speculation on such things is always fun, but once again we’re left with the fact that this was just a panel envisioning May’s dreams for a future had Peter not been killed.

We’ve got one final alternate costume from this image of Aunt May’s dream, and we’ll check in on that tomorrow.

Spider-Who Part 190: MC2 Scarlet Spider, Felicity Hardy

mc2scarletFrom the MC2 universe, otherwise known as Earth-982, the new Scarlet Spider is Felicity Hardy. She’s the daughter of Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat) and Flash Thompson. She actually doesn’t have any super powers, and is really just a good athlete. Insisting on becoming Spider-Girl’s side-kick, she eventually gets her way, though many battles she is in almost always cost her her life.

Spider-Who Part 127: Cyber Scarlet Spider, Joe Wade

Joseph Wade was an FBI agent who was put in a virtual reality machine by the new Doctor Octopus, a woman by the name of Carolyn Trainer. She had taken Doc Ock’s mechanical arms and alias after he had died. Just in case you’re wondering, he was later brought back to life by the secretive group known as The Hand, and she returned his things to him. But we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about Joe Wade in the V.R. machine!

The machine generated a “hard-light hologram” (meaning solid) version of the Scarlet Spider, and Joe’s mind was fully in control of the new body, as if it was really his body. For some reason, Joe was compelled to do villainous things while in control of the silver spider, and Doctor Octopus kept him trapped there, and plugged into the V.R. machine.

When the real Scarlet Spider attacked Doctor Octopus’ lair, he unknowingly damaged the machinery that made the hard-light body, and the V.R. interface. The machine then proceeded to actually turn Joe Wade’s real body into a cybernetic version of the silvery Scarlet Spider projection it had been creating previously.

As the Cyber Scarlet Spider, Joe Wade had razor sharp claws, could shoot webbing from his wrists, climb walls, and had super human strength, durability, speed, and all the usual jazz. He could also shoot lasers out of his eyes, so that’s a little different from the norm as far as Spider-Man copies go.

He was eventually stopped by Ben Reilly (as Spider-Man) and the New Warriors and taken into custody to remove the cybernetic alterations to his body.

Spider-Who Part 49: Spider-Man, Ben Reilly

Ok, I left it long enough. We’re about to pass the 50 mark and I still haven’t brought up one of the biggest alternate Spidey’s there is. That would be when Ben Reilly, the perfect clone of Peter Parker, formerly the Scarlet Spider, became the one and only Spider-Man himself!

I already talked a lot about Ben himself, which you can check out in my Scarlet Spider post which was all the way back in the single digits of these Spider-Who posts. Second entry in fact. The reason Ben Reilly took over the role of Spider-Man for a short time once again brings us back into perhaps the most confusing period of the dreaded Clone Saga.

Well after Ben had returned to New York, made peace with Peter, and taken on the identity of the Scarlet Spider, new information surfaced that the ACTUAL clone was Peter, and that Ben had been the original Parker THE WHOLE TIME! With both Ben and Peter left reeling that their lives had been successfully switched YEARS past, Peter, barely hanging on to his own sanity, stepped away from the role of Spider-Man, deciding to live a quiet life with Mary Jane as she was pregnant with their child. Ben took on the title believing he was finally getting some element of his life back, though he decided to keep his name as Ben Reilly as he still didn’t believe he was worthy of the Parker name.

Ben started living a normal life, got a job at a coffee joint called the Daily Grind (AMAZING NYC coffee place name), and dyed his hair blonde so he’d look at least a little different from Peter. He even started dating again.

Sadly it was not meant to be for poor Ben. It was eventually revealed that the doctor that gave Ben and Peter the news that their lives had been switched years before was all fake, and that this doctor had been working for Norman Osborne, the Green Goblin. It was all an elaborate, years long set-up. Both Peter and Ben fought the Green Goblin, and during the fight the Goblin impaled Ben on the spikes on the front of his Goblin Glider. Ben’s body disintegrated in rapid degeneration just like previous clones had when they died, proving Peter really was the real Parker after all.

During Spider-Verse, a universe in which Ben Reilly still lived was found, but once again he sacrificed himself to save his fellow clones, his “brother” Kaine and the Ultimate Universe clone Jessica Drew.

RIP Ben Reilly, you were one of the best.

Spider-Who Part 2: Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly

As a kid, my favorite new look for Spider-Man was easily the Scarlet Spider. His cool blue hoodie and hardcore metal bracelet web shooters really stood out to me. Gone was the webbing pattern for a bold all red suit, and his webs had been upgraded with “Impact Webbing” pellets that shot out like bullets and exploded into a mass of sticky webbing all over the enemy, or whatever they hit.

But the other thing that made Scarlet Spider notable was that it wasn’t Peter Parker behind the mask. Yesterday we talked about someone other than Peter being Spider-Man, but this was the first time in my young life I had ever known anyone else having Spider-Man’s unique powers. The man behind the mask this time was Ben Reilly, and he has a rather complicated history. You see, Ben is a clone of Peter Parker.

To try and make a very long story short, or at least somewhat medium, one of Spider-Man’s villains called The Jackal created several clones of Peter. In fact he tends to make clones of lots of people, all in the name of screwing with Peter’s mind and life, but this time he went after Peter himself. There are actually multiple clones of Peter, but we’ll stick with just Ben today. When Ben awoke, fully grown, he had all of Peter’s memories up to that point, and was shocked to find out he was actually just a clone and not the real deal. He ended up changing his name, taking his uncle’s first name, and his Aunt May’s maiden name, Reilly.

He leaves the city for a while to get his head straight and to come to peace with the idea that the life he fully remembers is not his own, and belongs to someone else. As a perfect clone, he has all of Peter’s powers, as well as his intelligence, and he created the improved webbing gauntlets in this time. He eventually returns to New York, confronting Peter. After an initial bout of distrust, the two make peace and decide to team up, so Ben creates the Scarlet Spider identity and swings into action!