Spider-Who Part 228: Spidra


Spidra’s costume is reminiscent of Spider-Woman’s costume, but instead of red and yellow, it’s yellow and black. Spidra is actually one of the few surviving members of the microverse, and her powers include prehensile hair (similar to the Queen of the Inhumans, Medusa) and senses enhanced through telepathic means.


Spider-Who Part 227: Commander Jessica Drew, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.


By the year 2020 Jessica Drew quits being Spider-Woman and becomes the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. This reality is actually classified as Earth-8410, so it might not actually be the direct future of the standard Marvel comic universe.

I can’t decided if it’s weird that she has an eye-patch just like Nick Fury when he was the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. What are the odds of that happening? Is the eye-patch fake? Is it a piece of spy equipment? What is up with that eye-patch?

Spider-Who Part 226: Zombie Spider-Woman


Along with Spider-Man and pretty much every hero on Earth-2149, Spider-Woman also succumbed to the zombie plague. I think one of the more interesting things about this version of Spider-Woman is that the head piece of her costume is just slightly different than most other Jessica Drew Spider-Woman costumes. Note how the red covers the top of her head completely, and her hair only comes out at the back.

Spider-Who Part 224: New Avengers Spider-Girl, Anya Corazon

new anya

This costume seemed like it was going to be the new standard for Anya when she joined up with the New Avengers. However, it seems to have been a temporary costume as she reverted back to the more traditional and simple black and white costume when we later saw her in Spider-Verse and now in Web Warriors.

Spider-Who Part 221: Spider-Woman of Earth-12665


In the story that showed that The Thing of the Fantastic Four lived for several thousand years, it is shown that a mysterious Spider-Woman is at one point a member of the Fantastic Four of the future along side Franklin Richards and a new Human Torch.

The Thing was actually a member of the FF for over a thousand years, and after retiring from that, helped guide the Future Foundation for another thousand. It is said he eventually passes away in the far off year of 6012 A.D.

Spider-Who Part 215: Spider-Woman of Earth-1815


Appearing in issue #2 of the Exiles comics 2001 publication, this version of Jessica Drew was imprisoned and experimented on by a world who feared all those with super powers. During her incarceration she has lost her sense of smell, taste, and the sight in one eye. It’s never said how she lost these senses, but when she is seen later after being freed, she still has wires hanging from her head that were implanted there at some point. Whatever happened to her, it was likely quite gruesome.

Sadly, due to their immense mistreatment by a cruel world under the “Zero Tolerance” law, this Jessica Drew joins a human-hating Charles Xavier to attack the New York Stock Exchange. Feeling they must protect the civilians, the Exiles team are force to face off against Jessica and this version of the X-Men.