Spider-Who Part 236: Baggy Costume Spider-Man


Here we see Peter attempting to save the day in a costume he’s obtained from a second-hand store. While this was basically a one-off joke originally, during Spider-Verse we see this Spider-Man again as a part of the team of Spiders the Ultimate Spider-Men have gathered. He’s the one hanging by a web-line attached to the car.



Spider-Who Part 228: TimeSlip Spider-Man


From a comic titled TimeSlip the Collection, and designated as Earth-96211, the Peter Parker in this reality created a grappling hook device to help him swing around as Spider-Man instead of web-shooters.

This Spider-Man was visible in the Spider-Verse event during one of the scenes when all the Spider-Men were attacking the Inheritors.


Spider-Who Part 211: Spider-Girl, Petra Parker


Originally from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, Petra Parker shows up in the first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Spider-Verse (which came out yesterday!) which seems to be a direct comic publication of the Spider-Verse storyline from the cartoon. Another difference in Petra’s universe is that the Green Goblin is also a woman, whose real name is Norma.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man version of the Spider-Verse story, the green goblin has gained the ability to travel berween universes. Spider-Man chases him from one reality to another, and teams up with whatever version of Spider-Man or Spider-Woman he comes across there to fight the Green Goblin until he flees to the next version of Earth.

Spider-Who Part 209: Spider-Man Reign


The story of Spider-Man Reign is a version of what life could have been like for Peter Parker in the future. In this story, Peter is now an old man, and Mary Jane has long since passed away. Tragically, the reason she died was from cancer caused by radiation poisoning from living so close to Peter for so long. Remember, he’s supposed to have radioactive blood.

Peter has also given up being Spider-Man years and years ago. The world is a dark place and there are no super heroes around anymore. Although, there also aren’t any super villains either. Instead there is just a ruthless and brutal police force called The Reign who basically go unchecked and do whatever they want.

The story centers around Venom’s attempts to take over the city since all the heroes are gone, and Peter coming to grips with the death of Mary Jane, and needing to be a hero once again.

Throughout the story, Peter dons both the black suit and his red and blue suit, but most memorably, Peter’s first return to action is the image above: socks and boxers, a cast on a broken arm, and just his black mask as a disguise.

We see a glimpse of this version of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse event in a single panel depicting the chaos and death the Inheritors are reaping across the multiverse. As a play on the cover of Spider-Man Reign combined with the cast and underwear outfit above, we see the death of Spider-Man Reign.



Spider-Who Part 203: Spider-Man Unlimited


Most well known from the Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon, he also had a few comic book appearances. The main story thread here is that Spider-Man travels to an alternate Earth-like planet called Counter Earth, on which the High Evolutionary had changed the planet’s animals all into intelligent beings. These animal people called themselves the Beastials, and took over the planet, enslaving the human population.

Spider-Man arrives there to save the astronaut John Jameson, stop the High Evolutionary, and join the human rebellion against the Beastials. Oh yeah, and also stop Venom and Carnage who also show up planning to make the planet a new home for symbiotes who would enslave all the beings on it, both human and beastial alike.

During his stay, Spider-Man decides to change his costume for no real reason, and thus we get this red and blue number.

There was also a very slight variation to this costume that showed up in Spider-Verse, which had a blue mask instead of the red. Otherwise it was the same. That particular Spider-Man was already dead along with countless animal people. Personally I like to think it was a colouring mistake and that they wanted to say that Spider-Man Unlimited was now dead, but people jumped on the slightly different costume to say it was a different Spider-Man.

You be the judge.


Spider-Who Part 189: Spider-Boy, Pete Ross

At one point, Marvel and DC did a cross-over event where their greatest heroes were matched up and were forced to fight each other. The Universe that won the most would be allowed to live on, while the other would be wiped away as if it never existed. Fans were encouraged to send in votes, which would supposedly determine the winner of the upcoming fights.

Arguably being Marvel’s most popular character, it should be no surprise that Spider-Man was one of the heroes involved. For his fight, he was matched up with Super Boy. While it would seem like Super Boy’s Kryptonian heritage would make it an easy win, Spider-Man used some quick thinking in making use of his environment and won the fight.

However, that doesn’t explain who Spider-Boy is, now does it. It turns out there was no definitive winner after all the fights between the Marvel and DC characters, and the two universes ended up merging for a short time. This resulted in a series of comics, apparently being published by Amalgam Comics. Each of the comics were a hybrid of the two heroes who had fought each other, being merged together. Thus, we got Spider-Boy.

Spider-Who Part 184: Spider-Wolf, aka Werewolf Spider-Man

spider-wolfEarth-7085 is inhabited by bloodthirsty werewolf versions of Marvel characters. Ash, from the Evil Dead franchise, once accidentally landed there while attempting to find safety from certain doom, only to find out he’d found a whole new kind. Among the various Marvel heroes seen as werewolves is Spider-Man, now called Spider-Wolf.

Spider-Wolf also appeared in promotional art for Spider-Verse, and was later seen in Spider-Verse, slain at the hands of Karn, who refers to the Earth-7085 reality as the Lycansphere.