New Comic Book Day!

Today was one of the biggest days I’ve had in a while when it comes to comics. I usually only have a few books, but today’s pile was a bit bigger. Today’s highlights are probably Silver Surfer 10, in which the battle with Galactus rages on, the 2nd issue of Spider-Gwen, and a new issue of THOR, which the cover teases the big question everyone is asking: “Who is Thor?” As you can see, most of my other books are Spidey related.


Daily Positives

Today was New Comic Book Day! Aside from getting to hang out with my friends at Stadium Comics, I got these AWESOME new books! 🙂 Check out the special Gwen Stacy variant cover (along with the regular cover) I picked up for Amazing Spider-Man issue 14! I rarely get variant covers, but I had to get this one.