New Comic Book Day!

In addition to my normal subscribed books, I picked up a trade I spotted on sale on the shelf. I probably would have passed it by normally, but after Spider-Verse, my curiosity for alternative Spider-Men is at it’s highest, and this is a story where Peter Parker tries out 4 different new super hero identities because the law is so hard after Spider-Man. Very Spider-Verse! Other than that, my books are dominated by Black Vortex this week. 3 more chapters in a single week! And what’s with that Uncanny X-Men cover? Is this the start of Cyclops-Verse? Weird.

And of course here’s Unboxing Wednesdays from Stadium Comics that show this week’s new releases! Head to your local comic shop and grab what you think looks cool!


New Comic Book Day!

This week I only had a few comics waiting for me. Much closer to “normal” for me, but even this week is larger than normal because of the extra issues from the Black Vortex story arc. I also got a sweet Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pint glass!

New Comic Book Day!

I stopped by my local comic shop today, Stadium Comics, and picked up a few new comics today. Today’s crop revealed 5 new books to add to my collection, including the final issue of the epic Spider-Verse story arc. I gotta say, this has been one amazing story! Thanks to Dan Slott, the writer of Spider-Verse.

You may not notice, but I put together a new setup for taking these photos. I got out my old painters easel to place the books on, which you can make out at the top and bottom. I hope the lighting is better now. Check ’em out!

And for those of you who are curious what else came out this week, it just so happens that my LCS, Stadium Comics, has a decently popular YouTube show called Unboxing Wednesdays where they show just that! They also get toys and stuff in every week and show off that stuff. Not much in the way of statues this week, but you never know what they’ll get in!

New Comic Book Day!

Below you’ll find a collection of pics I snapped of the comics I got today. Another chapter of the Black Vortex story is out this week, and I’m super excited for Silk #1! I also decided to give the first issue of a book called Wytches from Image comics a try. It’s supposed to be a good horror book.

Daily Positives

Today was New Comic Book Day! Aside from getting to hang out with my friends at Stadium Comics, I got these AWESOME new books! 🙂 Check out the special Gwen Stacy variant cover (along with the regular cover) I picked up for Amazing Spider-Man issue 14! I rarely get variant covers, but I had to get this one.