Spider-Who Part 247: Sonic Proof Agent Venom


During the Spider-Island side story of the 2015 Secret Wars comics, the Spider-Queen managed to succeed in taking over New York City, and transformed the vast majority of the citizens, and heroes, into spider people.

One of the few people who avoided being changed and taken over is Flash Thompson as Agent Venom, thanks to his symbiote protecting him. Flash ends up assembling a series of artifacts and serums that could further transform other heroes (werewolves, vampires, lizard people) so that the Spider-Queen couldn’t control them.

As Agent Venom, Flash is hugely susceptible to the weaknesses of his symbiote, one of the main ones being sonics. This is a huge problem considering the Spider-Queen has a hugely powerful sonic scream.

Luckily, after rescuing Spider-Man, he tells Flash about the Sonic Proof suit he had made, but never used himself. Flash puts it on under his symbiote, and when the Spider-Queen later blasts him with her scream, the symbiote is able to peel away from the brunt of it and Flash is able to continue the mission and save the day.


Spider-Who Part 116: Sonic Proof Spider-Man, Kaine

Once Peter Parker came up with the cure for the virus that mutated everyone in New York City into giant spiders, Tarantula attacked in an attempt to stop him. As a way to test the cure to see if it worked, Peter simply threw Tarantula into the vat, fully submerging him. When he surfaced, not only was he Kaine once more, but even all his previous deformities and degradation of being an imperfect clone appeared to be cured. Not only that, but he now had organic webbing, and sharp dagger-like stingers that could be extended or retracted from his wrists.

Choosing to help Peter fight the Spider-Queen, Kaine required a costume to hide his face since he looks exactly the same as Peter. Peter gave him his green Stealth Spider-Man costume, modified to be fully immune to sonics to protect him from the Spider-Queen’s sonic scream. Madam Web had the costume’s ability to change appearance locked into a single red pattern to make it unique for Kaine.

Using the suit’s sonic proof abilities, and his newly acquired stingers, managed to deal the final killing blow to Spider-Queen when she was a 28-story tall monster.

Spider-Who Part 116: Spider King, Steve Rogers

The big hairy monster in the white hoodie is Spider King. Originally he was the heroic Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, but he was captured by The Jackal during the events of Spider-Island. Under orders of the Spider-Queen, The Jackal mutated Steve Rogers into a monstrous spider creature which she would be able to telepathically control. He as implanted with thousands of spider eggs that when hatched would be able to infect anyone they bit with a mutagen that would transform the victim into a similar creature. Thankfully he was stopped by Agent Venom, who contained him at a secret military facility until a cure was found. Once Steve Rogers was cured, he and Agent Venom were among the first to fight back against the Spider-Queen.

Spider-Who Part 115: Spider-Queen, Adriana Soria


Adriana Soria joined the American Army during World War II where she was entered into a program attempting to recreate the Captain America super soldier serum. She and others thought to be likely candidates were posted near the Bikini Atoll islands where nuclear tests were being performed and purposefully exposed to massive amounts of radiation. All the other members of her group died of radiation poisoning, but Adriana survived somehow, although no powers surfaced at first. She was driven mad from the stress of the experience and spent years in an asylum.

Decades later she resurfaced having gained the ability to control anyone who had the “insect gene” and calling herself The Queen. Spider-Man was unable to resist her mind control, and she chose him as her perfect mate. She infected Spider-Man with a mutagen that gradually changed him into a giant spider. Adriana planned to use Spider-Man in his giant spider form to create an army of her spider offspring, but due to the rapid nature of the mutation, the massive creature appeared to die. In a rage she destroyed her own facilities with telekinetic powers and fled. After she left, the giant spider’s abdomen split apart and a freshly reborn Peter Parker emerged, now with enhanced powers and the ability to generate organic webbing.

Later, The Queen showed up again, now teamed up with The Jackal. Now calling herself The Spider-Queen, she was the mastermind behind the Spider-Island plan to transform all of the populous into spiders so that she would be able to control every single person in the city, including the super heroes that might otherwise try to stop her. The Jackal created genetically altered bed bugs that would infect anyone they bit with a mutagen that would first give them powers similar to Spider-Man’s, but then further mutate them into giant spiders. The Jackal tested the mutagen, first by experimenting on Kaine, then on Captain America to see if the plans would work, which they did.

It was only until Spider-Man managed to create a cure at Horizon Labs that the people of New York were saved, and Spider-Queen was defeated.

Among her vast powers, she had enhanced strength, telepathy, telekinesis, psychic blasts, the ability to control insects and those with the “insect gene”, a sonic scream, shape changing into a giant spider monster, and also the ability to draw power off of her mutated victims making her vastly more powerful. She was deemed an Omega-Level threat, and was only defeated because once Spider-Man cured all the people of New York, her powers decreased enough to be killed.

Spider-Who 114: Tarantula, Kaine

Do you recall I brought up Kaine, the first clone of Spider-Man, many many months ago? He’s one of those loose ends I thought I would introduce despite him not really looking like Spider-Man in appearance. Then I later did a post on a villain known as Tarantula because I wanted to show the character who first had the name. Since I’ve decided to actually tie up the loose ends recently, I’ve been brought to this spider monster that was introduced during the Spider-Island story line. This beast is actually a mutated version of Kaine.

At some point in the past, Kaine “died”, but only as permanently as most comic book characters die. His creator, The Jackal, brought Kaine back to life and messed around with his DNA to create a creature more spider than man, naming him Tarantula. Jackal was in a partnership with a woman named the Spider Queen, who can control the minds of spiders, so Kaine was remade so that she could have complete control over him. This also kind of what happened to the majority of the populace of Manhattan, but of course Spider-Man created an antidote, distributed it across the city, and saved the day.